Memory Care

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Those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia face special challenges, as do their families. Our team helps clients and family members through the journey of memory loss, so everyone can continue to be engaged in life.

Some of the many challenges families face include unpredictable and difficult behaviors, wandering, mood swings, agitation and the inability to focus. Frustration among family caregivers can grow quickly. First and foremost, we serve as a resource for families to get them the help they need –  from sitting with a spouse and letting them express their feelings to advocating for their loved one with physicians and helping ensure they have the right medications. Sometimes a brief hospitalization in a geropsychiatric hospital is the best solution and we can gently guide that discussion and decision. We can recommend home care professionals that are specially trained to work with those living with dementia. If the family decides their loved one can no longer live at home, we can assist with finding a memory care community that will honor the person by getting to know their life history, including past achievements, special hobbies and interests. From this information, they can develop activities and the care to help them maintain a strong purpose in life.

Our team of professionals stay on top of the latest resources, medications and research for those living with dementia. We are experts in the field and know the people and organizations on the edge of the latest innovations and breakthroughs. Most importantly, our compassion for those living with dementia and their families allows us to enhance and enrich the lives of everyone concerned.