“Our family faced increasing frustration, fear and conflict as we tried to manage our mother’s growing mental deterioration. But the arrival of CRCM provided us the expertise, judgment, and options to manage my mother while she lived independently, and ultimately in our selection and her placement in a safe, secure, and supportive residential environment. We also use CRCM to make occasional unannounced visits of our mother to give us ongoing independent assessments of her circumstances. We have been very satisfied with CRCM’s services.”

– Andy S., son of client, West Orange, NJ

“I have been a client of Connie Rosenberg & Associates Care Management since 2011. I originally needed their services for my husband who was very ill at the time. I met with his care manager, Jacqui, to go over all of his medical information and general needs in the event I became ill and unable to care for him. In the final days of my husband’s life, I needed hospice care and turned to CRCM to help me with arrangements to have hospice get to my home quickly – they took care of everything and hospice was at my home in a few hours taking care of my husband. I’ll never forget that! I now meet with Jacqui (who is now my Care Manager) every quarter because I know that I can rely on her and CRCM to take care of things I will need to have done if I become ill or need to be hospitalized. Very comforting – I highly recommend them!”

– Joyce J.C., client, Bridgewater, NJ

“Our Home Care Agency has worked with Connie Rosenberg & Associates Care Management for over 11 years. Elyse is very professional and works tirelessly on behalf of all the clients her firm represents. She has the ability to identify her clients’ needs to allow for the development of a Plan of Care that exceeds expectations. The entire CRCM staff is always available and connect with people on a professional level that offers immediate and measurable results. The entire CRCM team works together to manage the communication between everyone involved in the delivery of care to their clients and families. In many ways, they have made our staff better by encouraging and counseling them on their standards and expectations of the care provided. Every aspect of care is established and documented to allow our staff to attain goals and sustained improvement in the care provided to their clients.”

– Gary R., Owner, Private duty home care agency, Mountainside, NJ

“In 2005, it was determined that my sister, at the age of 59, could no longer live on her own due to various medical conditions and thus began the journey of her living in assisted living and eventually a healthcare (nursing home) facility. With my living out of state, the complexities of being her primary caregiver were overwhelming. Fortunately, I was referred to Connie Rosenberg & Associates Care Management (CRCM) at the time to help with the immediate crisis of finding a suitable living arrangement for her. Over the past 10+ years, her condition has grown considerably more complex with ongoing crises and her needing to move to a healthcare facility in 2011, after only six years at the assisted living facility. During this period, there were numerous medical and personal issues, as well as legal and financial concerns, that needed to be addressed and working with the Care Manager and CRCM staff, we were able to handle them all working together very closely as a team. Although it has been an ongoing period of adjustment, my sister is now doing very well and has adapted to her new home quite well. The support provided by CRCM over the years has been, and continues to be, invaluable in providing for my sister, as well as my needs as the primary caregiver.”

Chris E., brother of client, Morristown, NJ

“My mother has lived in South Orange since 1946 and wants to remain there. I live in Virginia.  This presented no problem until about her 91st year when she started to need assistance in handling her matters and also in her home. It quickly became very difficult for me to provide the needed assistance from Virginia at a level that I thought was satisfactory. I was lucky enough to be referred to CRCM and life immediately got easier for both Mom and me. Now I can rely on Jacqui to be a steady presence in my mom’s life and be my eyes and ears on the ground. Jacqui takes her to all her medical appointments, providing a reliable report to the doctor and then a reliable report back to me. She visits Mom regularly and makes sure her medication is administered correctly. She thinks of things I wouldn’t know to think of and provides regular updates. When my mother required daily assistance in the home, she worked closely with the aide (and still does). A very important thing when dealing with an elderly patient from a distance is having someone available at all time. Not only do we work steadily with Jacqui, when a crisis arises after hours, CRCM is always there. One of the care managers is always assigned to be on call. I can say from experience that no matter who picks up the phone, they will be familiar with my mother and will have access to her file and be ready to act in whatever way is needed. If my mother has been ailing prior, the care manager on call will have been briefed already on her status. This seamless coverage is priceless and gives me the peace of mind I never had when I was trying to do this myself. We have been working together for about three years now. Retaining CRCM may well be one of the smartest things I have ever done.”

– Jenny B., daughter of client, South Orange, NJ

“Since the mid 90s, this organization has helped professionally and emotionally with first my mother and then my disabled sister. They traveled from their office to Jersey City for us frequently through the years. They gave sound, realistic advice. They obtained an eldercare attorney in Jersey City, and when we had to place my sister in a nursing home, they found one in Morris County so they would be close by to her. A rock solid organization made up of strong individuals.”

– Neal G., brother of client, Jersey City and Morristown, NJ

“My family has been a client of Connie Rosenberg & Associates since our mom had a bad fall about three years ago. We have always found them to be caring and responsive, and have relied on them to provide the information and counsel we’ve needed to make good decisions. I don’t know how we would have navigated this difficult time without their expertise and guidance.”

– Cheryl L., daughter of client, Somerset, NJ

“Elyse worked with my father-in-law for seven years. As a result of her advocacy, hard work, and genuine caring, he was able to live the fullest life possible while still remaining at home. This is especially remarkable considering that none of his closest relatives lived near him. I truly appreciated knowing that, with Elyse’s help, my father-in-law always received the care and attention he needed. She, and the organization as a whole, continually, and without fail, provided an invaluable service not only to my father-in-law, but also to the family as a whole.”

– Matt Z., son-in-law of client, Westfield, NJ

“I worked full-time, and was the frazzled only child of an elderly and ill mother. Elyse Weber-Sacks was my salvation. She provided reliable, intelligent and compassionate care to my mother, and was there for her when I could not be. Elyse was a sounding board for me; she gave me sage advice and guided me through one of life’s most difficult journeys. My mother and I both adored her, and I recommend her without equivocation for your elder care needs.”

– Ellen T., daughter of client, Edison, NJ

“As an attorney who does a significant amount of Elder Law in my practice, it is essential that I have other professionals, on whom I rely, to provide services to my clients. While I offer legal guidance, frequently an elderly or disabled person is in need of services that address and analyze physical, emotional and safety issues, as well as an individual’s ability to perform activities of daily living. For more than 20 years, I have relied upon Connie Rosenberg and Associates to perform these duties. In addition, there are a number of disabled people for whom I serve as a guardian. In some of those cases, the care managers at Connie Rosenberg and Associates meet with my wards on an ongoing basis. In other instances, they undertake an annual review that evaluates the individual’s progress and/or needs. In all of these situations, the care managers provide invaluable insight and recommendations on the best way to care for my wards. The care managers at Connie Rosenberg and Associates provide an invaluable service, and I heartily endorse them.”

– Susan J., Attorney at Law, Randolph, NJ

“Connie Rosenberg and her team have helped my family navigate the seemingly insurmountable challenges we faced following the sudden death of one parent and the immediate need to create a continuing care plan for the other, who suffers from debilitating chronic illnesses. In this situation, clear-headed decision making can be clouded by a family’s emotional turmoil. Connie and her team’s objective perspective, empathy and expertise ensured that we stayed focused on what mattered most: how best to care for our loved one moving forward. In the years since, and with each new health crisis our loved one encounters, our family continues to benefit from the unparalleled knowledge, 24/7 attention, endless compassion and overall above-and-beyond care that Connie Rosenberg & Associates bestows upon their clients.”

– Jackie K., daughter of client, Morristown, NJ

“I cannot say enough good things about our relationship with CRCM. My aunt is a senior citizen with some mental and physical disabilities, living independently. About five years ago, it became evident to our family that she needed more support, and since we live out of state, we were at a loss as to how we could facilitate her independence while monitoring her health and her employment. We decided to hire a geriatric Care Manager, and after interviewing several people, it was obvious that Elyse Weber-Sacks and the team at CRCM were the right fit. They are professional, compassionate, well-educated and certified, and have been able to develop a wonderful relationship with my aunt, who considers her a friend. They take her to doctors’ appointments, help her with grocery shopping and errands, work with her on personal hygiene, and interface directly with her manager at the grocery store where she works. It gives us such an incredible sense of peace to know that she is in such competent hands, but even more so, that the team truly cares about her well-being. We are huge fans and would recommend CRCM’s services to anyone.”

– Wende M., niece of client, Westfield, NJ

“I suffer from MS and, when my condition deteriorated a number of years ago, I was referred to Connie Rosenberg & Associates for help with the management of my care. Since that time, the care manager assigned to my case has been a tremendous source of information and her guidance has proved invaluable on a number of occasions. Her useful advice has been a great help in navigating the numerous challenges that have come my way and I’m extremely grateful.”

–  David R., client, Morristown, NJ

“CRCM helped our family through a particularly difficult period. Mom’s anxiety and other mental and physical health issues worsened to a point where it was difficult for her to manage her medicines and health care appointments the way she always had in the past. Some days she wasn’t sure whether she had taken her meds or not, and other activities of daily life became difficult for her. None of her four children lived close enough to take care of her on a daily, or even weekly basis. CRCM came through. Laura made many good recommendations for ways to make her home life easier to handle. Jacqui visited weekly to fill her pill boxes. And someone was always available to accompany her to her medical appointments, and then report back in a way we could all understand regarding medical needs and follow-up. Elyse even accompanied mom to the emergency room one evening when she needed some urgent care. After a few months, it became clear that mom would likely be happier and healthier in a different living situation. Laura recommended two assisted living facilities for us to look at, and told us that a trial stay was an option (something I did not know was possible). We chose one and after only one week of the trial, mom decided to make the move! She is much happier in her new situation. We are very grateful to CRCM for guiding us through the entire process.”

– Mary S. daughter of client in Maplewood NJ