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Elyse Weber-Sacks, President, Featured in NJ.ComTeam - Elyse Weber-Sacks, MSW, LSW, CMC

Elyse recently contributed to the article, Where distressed families can turn for help in dealing with dementia. An excerpt is featured below. To read the full article, visit

Care managers help the elderly and their families deal with anything from health and financial issues to housing, legal matters or crisis intervention. Often, it’s the last of those concerns — a family crisis — that first brings them into the picture.

“People are living longer, and you can barely pick up the paper without there being an article on aging, but there’s very little mention of care management,” says Weber-Sacks, president of Connie Rosenberg & Associates Care Management. “People are doing the best they can,” she says. “They’re struggling in their family situation, and when they find out we can advise them, the relief is palpable.”…

The typical client might be an older adult who no longer is able to live safely in the home, or has limited or no family support. Or a family may choose to work with a care manager if they need help finding local services or are having trouble dealing with the chronic health needs of an aging parent. Helping families understand and deal with the behaviors and needs of someone with dementia is an ever-growing concern.